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WELCOME TO MY CAREER JOURNEY! This right here is designed to serve the purpose of a digital CV. I am a relentless Event Specialist, equally adept at both right-brain and left-brain endeavours. My area of expertise is corporate communication which includes, but is not limited to marketing; events and promotions; logistics; public relations; business admin and internal/external communication. With a strong penchant for predicting trends and/or thought patterns, I have since dubbed myself 'The Visionary' as it best describes my forward outlook on life and all things alike... Trust that my contribution to any event/ project is of high value. EYE SEE YOU!

Operational Management

This here covers the management aspect of my career life: Penquin, Grolsch Campaign '08 &  The 12 Decades Johannesburg- Rooftop Bar '11; Pata Pata Restaurant '11.

Afforded with the positions of leadership , I used the power at my disposal to empower myself and others (my teams).

Key lessons learnt:

-Interpersonal Relationship Skills = cooperation from team;
-Communication Skills =  misinterpretations and dissatisfaction avoided;
-Good Planning = clarified goals;
-Decision- Making = essential to what's important, what's right NOT who's right lol;
-Leadership Skills = encouraging others to improve themselves and quality of their work;
-Appraisals = capacity to evaluate & examine processes to reach desired outcomes.
- Providing Satisfaction = giving team necessary tools & resource + good quality service/product to customers/clients.


Grolsch Moment

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in-store setup 
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Maboneng Precinct team

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