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WELCOME TO MY CAREER JOURNEY! This right here is designed to serve the purpose of a digital CV. I am a relentless Event Specialist, equally adept at both right-brain and left-brain endeavours. My area of expertise is corporate communication which includes, but is not limited to marketing; events and promotions; logistics; public relations; business admin and internal/external communication. With a strong penchant for predicting trends and/or thought patterns, I have since dubbed myself 'The Visionary' as it best describes my forward outlook on life and all things alike... Trust that my contribution to any event/ project is of high value. EYE SEE YOU!

Sunday, 11 December 2011

ME... ME... ME!

live to identify events , as opportunities to extend my viral marketing and/or operational management services to esteemed companies or 

Allow me to re-introduce myself.

Lerato Lefafa is the name.  I am an aspiring Event Specialist, with 3 years of experience in the entertainment industry. My area of expertise is corporate communication which includes, but is not limited to marketing; events and promotions;logistics;public relations;business adminandinternal/external communication.

Recently I have completed the following projects:

-Canibus Live In SA| Jan - Apr '10| Bassline, JHB;

-Dwele Live In SA| Jun - Sept '10| Bassline, JHB;

-Goapele Live In SA| Sept - Nov '10| Bassline, JHB;
-Back To The City- Youth Day Festival|  Dec - Apr '11| OST, Newtown, JHB;
 - 12 Decades Rooftop Bar| May - Aug '11| Main Street Life, JHB;
 -Bilal Live In SA|  May - Aug '11| OST, Newtown, JHB;
 -Pata Pata Restaurant| May - Sept '11| Main Street Life, JHB;
 -Vow FM| July '11- Present| WITS, Braamfontein, JHB;

 - Party People Reunion| Nov '11 - Dec '11| OST, JHB.

The customisation  of  marketing strategies for big/ small scale events is my knack. This is, where I would make the use of various marketing tools, that would be vital in terms of creating the much needed hype for any event to secure a high return on investment.


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