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Friday, 13 July 2012



Rooftop Experiences herald the next round of the Sprite Uncontainable Talent Search

You can come and see the Uncontainable hip-hop talent of South Africa’s top 18 finalists in the run up to the Sprite Uncontainable Hip-Hop Festival first hand.
They are set to battle it out at the Sprite Uncontainable Roof Top Experiences in Durban, Cape Town and Johannesburg in the hopes of securing one of just six spots in the final round.
The top 18 finalists’ Uncontainable performances in dance, emceeing and graffiti are made up of the top six participants in each category. They were chosen from the pool of talent seen at the nationwide Sprite Mobile Studio Experience by the local panel of judges: Simba, Reason and Falko. In the Rooftop Experiences round it will be both these judges and the public who help decide who has the dopest talent in dance, emceeing and graffiti. From 14 July – 03 August, the public can visit www.spritehiphop.co.za to view and vote for their favourite talents.
The top 18 finalists will be narrowed down to just 6 finalists who will perform on stage at the Sprite Uncontainable Hip-Hop Festival on 1 September with American rapper Talib Kweli.
The Sprite Uncontainable Rooftop Experiences will take place in Durban at Moyo in Ushaka Marine World on 14 July; in Cape Town at the Loop on 20 July; and in Johannesburg at Shine Studios on 28 July. Featuring some of the dopest hip-hop talent out there, the Rooftop Experiences are not to be missed - R50 gets you through the door!
For more information on the Sprite Uncontainable Rooftop Experiences, please visit www.spritehiphop.co.za.

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